Wine Country Resources

Incorporated as a limited liability corporation in 2003, Wine Country Resources .com has been a slowly growing passion.   I am truly blessed to live in the wine country.  Having lived in both Sonoma and Napa, I have developed a passion for the region.  While the Napa Valley has always been a travel destination, with its world class wineries, I feel like over the last few years the wine country is picking up speed as a hot spot for high end vacationers.

The beauty of the hills and valleys, the vineyards with mustard blooms, the boutique old charm wineries, the massive displays of wealth of the larger wineries, the exquisite food of fine restaurants, the pampering spas, and great shopping.

This valley has so much to offer, that those traveling afar, or even those that are local, have a difficult time ending up at the destination that best fits them.  Providing resources for people to learn and explore the wine country is what this business is about.  It acts as a collection of my own knowledge (so that I too will have a good time) that can be shared with others.

I’ve learned that creating good content for the web results in visitors.  And visitors results in profits, someway or another.