Physician Assistant

Becoming a Physician Assistant was probably the best decision for my career.  There are so many reasons, and I am truly very happy.  That’s why I’ve tried to help so many other people accomplish their dreams of becoming a PA as well.

Working in Dermatologic Surgery has been a great fit for my personality.  Working in an outpatient surgical clinic provides many advantages compared to working in a hospital in my eyes.  Our patients are seen quickly and efficiently, they don’t get lost in the shuffle or feel like they are just a number.  The patient flow is dependent only on ourselves.  Getting to the office, parking, and the waiting areas are all convenient for patients.

It’s not just the environment that is so great though.  I work with an extraordinary group of people.  We have a large referral basis, and are always busy.  And the type of work, typically, is delicate fine detailed work, which I excel at.  We truly are doing the best possible thing for our patients by providing them with a surgical cancer cure rate upwards of 99% and reconstructing large defects to many times almost undetectable repairs.

Our patient base is made up of mostly older individuals.  It is a joy to see them on a regular basis, as they are typically courteous, genuine good people.  As the procedures are done under local anesthesia, I get the opportunity to talk with my patients and get to know them over the years of treatment.

This is why I went into medicine.