More Websites than I Know what to do with

I’ve gone through my portfolio of websites and am trying to decide what I should focus my limited time on.

Launching this site probably wasn’t the originally planned order of events, but I recently read Gary Vaynerchuck’s book Crush It and I was inspired by his professions to market yourself above all else.  So here it is

As I’ve realized the potential for income seems to be easiest from Google Adsense, I’m in the process of using the Google Adwords Keyword tool to determine local search traffic and eCPM for the keywords of the domains I own.  While I know I can expand the keywords, the domain name keywords should be the easiest to rank for and therefore the quickest ROI.  I have so many sites, that I feel like I should get something up for each one, and then focus on the more successful ones over time.  So off to the spreadsheet to focus my efforts.