Selling Kids Clothes is now Easy

We typically try to sell our kids used clothes at garage sales, and then at the end of the sale, we itemize everything and send it off for donation.

Most of the clothes our kids wear is in excellent condition when we are done with it, and they are typically quality items.

I hate garage sales, you never know what to price things, and the people that want to purchase are looking for the best deal, offering you a dollar for a $30 dress.

I thought about selling items myself on ebay, but with the fees, shipping and the huge hassle, I don’t think it is worth it.

I think I found a great new alternative though. A site I found called ThreadUP. This company sends you a bag, you fill it up with your clothes and mail it back (free shipping). Then they itemize, photograph, and sell your stuff on their website. Once it sells, they send you a check!
Awesome. Sounds simple, sounds like a better return than a garage sale. The next bag of clothes are kids can’t fit into, I’m going to try this service out.