Kyle J. Goleno PA-C is a Surgical Physician Assistant specializing in Dermatology Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery. Beyond his career in medicine he has a passion for Napa Valley Tourism, Entrepreneurship, and Internet Marketing.
With more than 10 years experience doing reconstructive surgery as a Physician Assistant I have become an expert in my field, and have spent a great deal of effort sharing as much as I can with others, so that they too can become Physician Assistants. More recently I have been creating a website for patients that undergo Mohs micrographic surgery so that they will have an accurate resource to learn about the procedure they will have. Read More About Me

About Kyle Goleno

Kyle GolenoMy name is Kyle Goleno. I am a Surgical Physician Assistant, trained at Cornell University Medical College and now working at Solano Dermatology Associates. I am an adjunct professor for PA students, both didactically and clinically.

Over the past few years I have been working on customizing our NextGen Dermatology templates for our practice and occassionally write about that information on this site.

I am the founder of the Mohs PA organization, which is for Physician Assistants working in Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

I also developed and run How to Become a Physician Assistant, which is a website helping pre-PA students learn what it takes to get into Physician Assistnat Schools and accomplishing their goals.

Currently I am working on a patient information site for people who require Mohs Surgery.

I have a passion to learn and then share that information with others.
Beyond my medical passion I have a passion for Napa Valley Tourism as well as Internet Marketing.

I was raised and now live in the Napa Valley. With tourism surrounding me, I can't help to want to be apart of it. For this, I created WineCountryResources.com LLC, a company dedicated to helping individuals and business in and around Napa Valley.

Maggie and Maddy Adventures in Napa Valley Book CoverIn 2012, my wife and I wrote a children's book, called "Maggie and Maddy Adventures in Napa Valley". This was our contribution to the Napa Valley tourism market and allows us to be apart of our business community in which we live.

Eat Napa Valley Restaurant AppIn 2013, I expanded on our tourism business and released Eat Napa Valley on the Apple iPhone App Store. Eat Napa Valley is an app to browse Napa Valley restaurant information as well as access to full menus.

I strive to earn an income, that I create on my own, to support myself and my family.
I believe some people have a drive towards entrepreneurship, and I am one of them. I am constantly trying to build wealth through nothing more than my own creation.

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